NationWide II Self Storage & Auto Wash Trust, Boundary Update No. 9/2020

October 31, 2020

We are pleased to provide you with an update on our NationWide Self Storage (NWSS-II) property located at 2055 Boundary, BC (the ‘Boundary Property’).


As previously announced in early June, the City of Vancouver (“COV”)

granted us our Build Permit for the construction of both the self-storage and car wash combination facility. Permit issuance was delayed due to three of the planning officers assigned to our project being moved internally to different departments and the newly assigned officers having to start their review from the start.

The City of Vancouver was also shut down at the start of COVID-19 and went remote thereafter, which caused further delays.

Subsequent to receiving our permits, we are pleased to report that we have now completed the assembly of our team comprised of an exceptional industry leaders in project management (“BTY Group”), self-storage architectural, design and engineering (“BFA Architects”) and self-storage construction (“Maple Reinders”).

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