Storage lockers are a simple investment. There’s often no heat, little maintenance, and if you want to make it a luxury unit you put in a light bulb.

— Ozzy Jurock, Vancouver Real Estate Consultant

Why Invest with NationWide Self Storage?

NationWide’s integrated investment programs help Canadians maximize their retirement savings through tax savings from RSP contributions and the accumulation of preferred cash distributions that NationWide pays monthly.

1. A unique real estate investment

A unique real estate investment designed to provide monthly income; plus participation thereafter in all income and profits and the potential for long-term growth through the increasing value of real estate properties

2. Fast Growing Real Estate Sector

Self storage is a fast growing commercial real estate sector with very low operation costs compared to other real estate, i.e. no live-in tenants, appliances, plumbing, carpets, pets or tenancy acts.

3. Lower Risk Investment

A private market investment that is less affected by various economic environments.

4. Tax-Advantaged Income

Tax-advantaged investment structure designed to minimize taxes payable on monthly cash distributions until 100% of investors’ capital is returned.

5. A Source of Retirement Income

A source of retirement income with potential for long-term asset appreciation.

6. Experienced Operations Management Team

NationWide’s self storage & auto wash properties are managed ‘in-house’ providing investors and self storage customers with the best possible customer service, marketing, training and development and store design.

One of the Fastest Growing Commercial Real Estate Sectors

NationWide Self Storage recognizes the fast growing demand for self storage properties in densely populated urban centres and retirement communities throughout Canada.

As the price tag on residential and commercial space goes up, more people than ever are looking to self storage for additional space. This demand goes beyond just trends. Everyday lifestyle transitions—such as marriage, divorce, retirement, estate settlements, moving, or the simple need to de-clutter a home—all contribute to the necessity of self storage.

Industry Profile

I need to store my Xmas decorations hockey gear art collection Aunt’s furniture office records photo albums snowboard equipment motorcycle family heirlooms kitchen appliances

Everyone Needs Storage!

Icons of sports equipment: fishing rod, basketball, hockey stick and puck, bicycle, barbell, snowboard

The lack of available, suitable storage within a home, apartment or condo often results in the need for consumers to rent self storage lockers for both short and long term contracts. And it’s not just during times of transition—we all have a lot of stuff!

Icons of artwork, baby crib, lamp, couch and violin
Estate Planning

When it comes to handling the personal possessions of a deceased family member, self storage properties are an extremely useful way to stay organized while an estate settles.

Icons of office equipment: computer, printer, desk and chair
Large and Small Businesses

As rent increases in business districts, the flexibility of self storage has a strong appeal to small and medium sized businesses looking to add temporary commercial storage space.

Icons of disco ball, pom poms, megaphone, christmas tree and ornaments
Governments, Municipalities, Schools and Churches

Governments and municipalities are increasing their use of self storage lockers, as well as schools and churches looking for a solution to the storing of seasonal equipment and items from annual events.

Operations Management Team

NationWide has engaged two highly experienced Operations Directors to lead NationWide’s Operations Management team. The Operations Directors will oversee the day-to-day operations of the NationWide self storage and auto wash facilities.

NationWide’s Operations Management team is committed to operating our business with the best possible customer service, marketing, efficiently training and development and store design. With over 25 years direct experience building business from the ground up, the team aims to increase investor value and growth.

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