NationWide I Self Storage Trust

1223 East Pender St. Vancouver, BC | Location Map

Property Overview

Development Data

I-2 (Light Industrial Area)

Property Size
19,500 sq. ft.

Building Size
58,500 sq. ft.

Building Height
60 ft. (four-storey building)

Number of Storage Lockers
800+ (including  sky lockers)

Current Status
Open for business!

The 1223 East Pender Street facility is a four-storey, 58,500 sq. ft. structure that features modern architecture design, state-of-the art built-in security with access control features.

Conveniently located with easy access off East Hastings Street, Clark Drive or Pender Street, the building is situated a mere 5 minutes from central downtown Vancouver, making it one of the closest self storage facilities to the downtown core.

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