Operations Management Team

Over the past decade the storage industry has experienced an evolution in technology, marketing, facility design and customer expectations. With this direction in mind, NationWide has engaged two highly experienced Operations Directors to lead NationWide’s Operations Management team. The Operations Directors will oversee the day-to-day operations of the NationWide self storage and auto wash facilities.

NationWide’s Operations Management team is committed to operating our business with the best possible customer service, marketing, efficiently training and development and store design. With over 25 years direct experience building business from the ground up, the team aims to increase investor value and growth.

<br>Operations Directors

Ayaaz Jamal

President, Auto Wash Division
Mr. Jamal is focused on the design, development and overall management of NationWide’s state-of-the-art express auto wash and auto detailing facilities on NationWide properties.

Lynn Gueguen

Regional Operations Director, Self Storage Division
Ms. Lynn Gueguen is focused on the design, development and overall management of NationWide’s modern self storage facilities and customer storefront and merchandising.
Mandate and Commitment to Growth

The Operations Management team will conduct operations with the following mandate:

  • Increase cash flow and profitability by utilizing expertise in operations and revenue management
  • Increase the value of assets to maximize the return on investment
  • Execute on the fundamentals of the business to improve customer service, closing percentages, economic occupancy and operational efficiency
  • Reduce overall costs through economies of scale
  • Minimize lease up time
  • Increase customer retention by implementing techniques designed to promote longer term rentals
  • Recruit, train and continuously develop the best team to work at the stores
  • Develop strong working relationships with local competitors
  • Network and actively participate within local community to improve visibility
Day-to-Day Operations

The Operations Management team will also engage qualified personnel to provide top quality services to NationWide’s properties in a diligent and prudent manner, and to:

  • Collect and where necessary enforce the collection of receivable due from tenants
  • Provide annual budgets to be approved by the General Partner and present on a quarterly basis the performance of the Investments
  • Provide the General Partner with quarterly financial statements including variance analysis and quarterly unit rental update reports
  • Provide basic accounting functions related to the day to day operations including depositing monies received in connection with the Investments in the Partnership’s account
  • Negotiate and enter into leases and tenancies with existing and prospective tenants
  • Hire, train, supervise and terminate independent contractors and employees, necessary for the operation
  • Handle tenant requests and negotiations on behalf of the Partnership and use reasonable efforts to assure compliance by tenants with the provision of their leases
  • Maintain records of funds received and disbursed in connection with the Investments
  • Prepare or arrange for the preparation of all use agreements and other documents required for the management of the Investments
  • Provide marketing and other forms of publicity, promotions, website maintenance and development and advertising of the Investments in the media subject to the General Partner’s approval