NationWide II Self Storage & Auto Wash Trust, Boundary Update No. 6/2020

We are pleased to provide you with an update on our NationWide Self Storage (NWSS-II) property located at 2055 Boundary, BC (the ‘Boundary Property’).

Demolition is nearing completion

We are very pleased to report that the City of Vancouver awarded us the demolition permit for removal of the old buildings located at 2055 Boundary, BC (the ‘Boundary Property’). As such Tango Management (“Tango”), our demolition team, commenced the demolition and clearing of the Boundary Property last week. Both Buildings have dropped, materials separated and removal has commenced. They are on-schedule to have the property cleared by April 17th, 2020.

Building contractor selection

Our project managers at BTY Group have now short listed the building contractors that will be invited to bid on construction and once all value engineering options (cost saving measures) are reviewed and accepted, BTY Group will commence preparation of the proposed fixed price construction contract. Once the contract is secured, the awarded contractor will provide a construction start time and estimated build timeline.

Building permit

As previously announced our architects, BFA are continuing to push the City of Vancouver to issue our building permit. Unfortunately, now with COVID-19 all city workers are working remotely and things have slowed dramatically. The delays at the City of Vancouver continue to be extremely frustrating, building permit approval wait times have been excessively lengthy due to the significant backlogs from the construction boom here in the Lower Mainland. That said, they are still working and there has been communication during this social distancing period which we are please with. As soon as the building permit is issued we hope to commence construction right away.

Download the full investor update to learn more about our upcoming Boundary Property combination self storage/car wash facility.

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